Important Contacts

  • Registrar’s Office registrar@erali.net 有关成绩单和报名问题
  • 财政援助办事处 finaid@erali.net for questions about student loans, government aid, and how Goddard grants are applied
  • Student Accounts studentaccounts@erali.net for information about your bill, payment plans, or paying your enrollment deposit
  • Student Services studentservices@erali.net for information about disability accommodations, academic support, orientation, and community life
  • Help Desk helpdesk@erali.net the help desk is our campus concierge and can help you find who you need to talk to for any problem that they can’t solve themselves
  • 资讯科技服务 techsupport@erali.net  for connectivity issues to your Student Information System (SIS), Canvas, your email, or GNet
  • Eliot D. Pratt Library library@erali.net 关于借书的问题, 远程访问研究数据库, 请求研究协助. 


您的检查清单在您的 application portal

  • Registration Form
  • 接种疫苗证明
  • 与财政援助办公室的财政援助清理
  • 与学生会计办公室进行财务清算
  • ID和ID验证
  • 登记预订


  • Account activation-REALLY important-这封邮件可以让你了解皇冠游戏中心官方网站的一切
  • Residency Updates
  • From registrar/student accounts/finaid/community life with missing items
  • From faculty/programs with pre-residency action items/meeting invitations


New student orientation consists of both synchronous and asynchronous programming. 在学期开始之前, you will need to login to Canvas to watch videos and find useful resources about enrollment, tech support, community life, the library, and more.  Synchronous programming via zoom will be held in the evenings on the Sunday, Monday, 以及开学前的周二. This is your opportunity to meet Goddard staff and faculty and go over program and systems information live and in-person.

New students will be able to access these sessions once their pre-registration steps are complete.



有关校园科技方面的协助,请使用 皇冠游戏中心官方网站学院的科技门票门户网站. 在实习开始之前,请记住:

  • 在电脑上下载Zoom应用程序.
  • 熟悉不同的通讯软件. (谷歌聊天,谷歌日历,WhatApp, Slack等). 不同的顾问喜欢不同的沟通方式.
  • Familiarize yourself with SCHED when you receive your schedule from your program.
  • 一定要注意关于Canvas的交流. 



  • 校内学生报到时间为周三下午3点.
  • All students must check out and vacate their rooms by 1pm on the last day Friday of residency 
  • 服务台从早上8:30开始营业.m. – 11 p.m. 
  • If you plan to arrive on campus later or earlier, please contact helpdesk@goddard.Edu,这样皇冠游戏中心官方网站就能确保你能进入校园.


Students are responsible for their travel to and from campus during residencies. Here are some local transportation options available to students traveling to campus from the BTV and the Montpelier Bus Station. 

  • Uber or Lyft: The Uber and Lyft apps allow students to book transportation in advance. 有关更多信息,请参阅 Uber and/or Lyft websites. 交通也可以通过预订 Transit app. (note this is the only option available for folx arriving via the Amtrak) 
  • Public Bus:
  • 租车:租车可以在伯灵顿, VT机场以及校园附近的各个地点. 


If students wish to have packages sent to Goddard prior to or during the residency, 请把包裹寄往:

(Student Name)



  • You’re Essential, the Goddard Store, is located in the Community Center and will have a wide selection of amenities for students to purchase.
  • 所有宿舍将在学生抵达后提供床单.
  • 关于什么地方的信息, state, and national resources are available to students during the residency season, please see our 社区生活学生资源清单.


Help Desk

在驻留期间,帮助台的开放时间为上午8:30 -晚上11:00. We can assist with basic IT questions, help setting up workshop rooms and housing questions. 帮助台可以通过电子邮件联系到helpdesk@goddard.Edu,电话:x277 (802-322-1692)

Student Life

学生生活将于上午10点开放.m.-6 p.m. Danielle Kutner, 皇冠游戏中心官方网站的学生生活经理, 可以接电话吗, Zoom, 以及预约的面对面会议. 学生生活可以通过电子邮件联系studentlife@goddard.Edu,电话:(802)227-2753.

对于非危及生命的紧急情况,请在晚上11点之前联系帮助台.m. After 11 p.m.,联系学生生活(802)227-2753. 遇到危及生命的紧急情况,请拨打911.

Using the Library

The Eliot D. Pratt Library is located in the Pratt Center building and is open 9:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday. 延长的驻留时间将在图书馆网站上公布. 该网站提供对在线目录和研究数据库的访问.

Email address – library@erali.net

电话号码- (802)322-1604


Below are some questions you should answer for yourself to prepare for a virtual residency:

  • 我这周的实习安排都安排好了吗? 而实习是虚拟的, full participation during the residency week is required and the focus the week should be your studies.  Imagine you were attending an in-person residency, and schedule yourself the same way.  做一些安排,限制家人的干扰, work, 朋友(照顾孩子), vacation time, etc.).
  • What plans have I made to successfully prepare my environment for residency? We have found that the virtual residency experience has worked best for those who have a quiet place to call from and who are joining zoom events from a desktop or laptop (with a video camera) as opposed to a phone.
  • Would it be helpful for me to connect with Community Life before residency? Our Community Life staff are here as a resource for you before, during, and after residency. They are happy to connect about accommodations, academic support, time-management, etc.  你可以通过studentservices@goddard找到他们.edu
  • 我得到所有的信息了吗? 在实习前几周密切关注你的电子邮件.  电子邮件是皇冠游戏中心官方网站员工沟通的主要方式.  Keep an eye on your inbox and make sure Goddard email addresses are on your safe list.  Also, check your spam once in a while to make sure no important messages have ended up there.
  • 我有必要的软件和互联网接入吗? Make sure to download, install, and practice with zoom before the residency.  Also, check to make sure that your wifi signal is strong enough to video conference or that you are able to have an ethernet (wired) connection.


For information about using the library, start at the Library Website or the Library Space in Canvas.

Library website: http://research.erali.net/home 

图书馆画布空间: http://goddardcollege.instructure.com/courses/9 

您也可以通过电子邮件皇冠游戏官网 library@erali.net 或致电1-800-468-4888 × 208. The Eliot D. 普拉特图书馆位于普兰菲尔德, Vermont, 校园,周一至周五都有员工, 东部时间9:00-4:00. 查看图书馆的“皇冠游戏官网”页面上的更新时间: http://research.erali.net/contact 

During the residency, there will be scheduled library orientation and research workshops over Zoom. You can also book time with a librarian for an online research consultation by using the Appointment Scheduler, 或者给艾琳·加蒂发邮件.gatti@erali.net. Research consultations over Zoom are available throughout the semester, not just during residency. Feel free to contact Eileen ahead of time if you want to get a jump on your research!

If you are returning books from last semester, you can mail them back to the Eliot D. 普拉特图书馆,皇冠游戏中心官方网站学院,皮特金路123号,普兰菲尔德,05667.

如果你想把他们带回汤森港, 请在星期五中午前归还, February 11th, as that is when Eileen will be on-site packing up books to ship back to Vermont.


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